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Blogging Overview

Blogs are basically online journals where you can easily update others on the latest news, piece of children's work, or classroom event. Blogs are organised chronologically so that the latest 'post' (journal entry) is always displayed at the top of the blog. As new posts are added, the older content is moved further down the page and then eventually archives. They are an excellent way of keeping your community in touch with what is happening in your classroom and give the children in your class an opportunity to engage with people outside of the classroom. Children often find it very motivating to have an authentic audience looking at what they are posting to the blog.

Blogging basics

Image of the front end of a blogger blog

Image of the back end of a blogger blog

Here is an excellent video that explains the blogging.

Getting a blog

Normally, you will sign up with a service that hosts your blog for you such as Blogger (owned by Google),Edublogs, Wordpress,21classes and Vox. I have focused on Blogger and Edublogs on this wiki but many of the others listed here are also great options.

Learning Log Rubric

Many classblogs are what are called 'learning logs' where the teacher or the children outline the learning that has happened in the classroom that day to share with parents. Many times that children write these, they are a simple list of activities with some photos - "and then we...and then we..." I worked with a teacher to develop the rubric below to try and deepen the thinking of the children when writing the reflection on the learning from the day.
Learning Log Rubric

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