34. Bubbl.us



Using this tool you can:
  • Build up a mindmap very quickly - easy and simple to use
  • Embed your mindmap into online spaces.
  • Work collaboratively on the same mindmap

How to use Bubbl.us

Video Overview

external image gettingstarted.gif
To start brainstorming, click inside a bubble and type, or
  • Press ENTER key to add a bubble below, or
  • Press TAB to add bubbles next to the one selected.
This area will display help as you go along.

Your Educational Guide to Bubbl.us

Potential benefits of using this tool:

Possible disadvantages of using this tool:

Examples of this tool in action (embed your own example in the row below or hyperlink to some examples)

Possible activities for this tool mapped against Key Competencies (only fill in where appropriate)

Activity One
Activity Two
Activity Three
Managing Self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing


Using language, symbols, and texts

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