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NZ ICT Advisor/ Facilitators by suzievesper

Primary Classroom Blogs by suzievesper

Primary Teacher Blogs by suzievesper

Secondary classroom blogs by suzievesper

Well-known Edubloggers by suzievesper

Edublogging Directories
NZ Edubloggers Wiki
International Edubloggers Directory
Cluster Links area in ICT PD Online (need to be a member to access)
Primary EduBlogs (from Titian on Netvibes)
Edublogs with Web 2.0 themes (from Titian on Netvibes)
Edublogs with overviews of ICT in education (from Titian on Netvibes)

Wikis - General Directories
NZ Edubloggers Wiki (also has wiki links)
Cluster Links area in ICT PD Online (need to be a member to access)
EduWikis (from Titian on Netvibes)
Educational Wikis (the official space for Wikispaces to collect examples)
PB Wiki examples

Wikis - Specific resource examples
Voicethread in Education Wiki
Eduwikius - thousands of web 2.0 tools are indexed here
Teacher Portal - particularly check out the year group spaces for useful resources
My Educational Software and Web 2.0 wiki See the 'similar site' page on my wiki has a long list of useful wikis to explore.
Wiki Examples in Education
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: wiki k12)

Wikis - Specific secondary examples
Film studies class wiki at secondary school
Case study wiki - a live collaboration between 4 schools - NZ, OZ, Qatar and Austria for a casestudy on information technology in a global society.
Kristin wiki -
This is the Year 12/13 Wikispace for Information Technology In a Global Society (ITGS) students.
Kristin Year 11 Information Technology wiki

Wikis - Specific primary examples
Learning Rox- Year 7/8 wiki from Te Awamutu
Hauora Health Webquest Wiki
Year 3/4 Class wiki - notice the personalised links on the individual children's pages.
Another Year 3/4 wiki (same school :-)
Collaboration wiki between two Year 5/6 classrooms