Working on your wiki

Set up a wiki for your team on wikispaces - teachers are able to sign up for advertising free sites. Follow this link to sign up:

Then please add your wiki address to the table below (you can't all do this at the same time so we will have to stagger it)
Add your wiki addresses into the boxes below. If you add the link using http at the beginning, you will not need to make it into a hyperlink manually
Jan Foster

On your wiki, you will present information about your context using your choice of the tools above. Please post an update on your progress every 20 minutes to your blog. Click on the links below for further resources on wikis should you need it.
General information on Wikis
Resources - Using Wikispaces

Choices of web 2.0 tools

Click on the links to find more information about each tool including instructions on use and a model of it in action - use these to add to your wiki.
Note: the table with information about the tool at the bottom of each tool page is to be filled in Step Three.

Mobile to Web Tool
Mapping Tool
Calendar Sharing Tool
Song Collection Tool
1. Utterli
external image maps_logo_small_blue.png
2. Google Maps
external image calendar_sm2_en-GB.gif
3. Google Calendar
external image Picture_3.png
4. Mixwit
Presentation Sharing Tools
Presentation Creation and Sharing Tools
external image slideshare-s.png
5. Slideshare
6. Authorstream
external image 280slides.png
7. 280 Slides
external image valprop_home.jpg
8. SlideRocket
Photo and Short Video Storage and Sharing Tools
Photo Storage and Slideshow Tools
external image flickr_logo.jpg
9. Flickr
external image 389135346_3f36009b7c.jpg%3Fv%3D0
10. Photobucket
external image dotphoto_logo.gif
11. Dotphoto
external image header-logo.gif?4216
12. Bubbleshare
Photo Slideshow Tools
Image and Video Comment tool
external image slide_logo_sm.gif
13. Slide
external image picturetrail_logo.gif
14. Picture Trail
15. Animoto
16. Voicethread
Image Arranging and Scrapbooking Tools
Image Editing and Manipulation Tools
external image 2169456613_987509e660.jpg
17. Scrapblog
external image c9107062fc0a9199e79d8f5063acc807.jpg
18. Tabblo
external image awesome_effects_pane2.jpg
19. Picnik
external image image-editor-fotoflexer-logo.jpg
20. Fotoflexor
Form Tools
Poll and Survey Tool
Text Cloud Tool
Timeline Tool
external image zc-logo.gif
21. Zoho Creator
external image polldaddy%255B2%255D.png
22. Poll Daddy
external image Suzie_Vesper%27s_Blog
23. Wordle
external image circavie.gif
24. CircaVie
Poster Tool
Flash Object Tool
Document Storage and Sharing Tools
external image glogster.jpg
25. Glogster
external image wix-logo.jpg
26. Wix
external image scribd.png
27. Scribd
external image box_business_screenshot.jpg
28. Box
Video Storage Tools
Video Collection Tool
Video and Slide Mashup Tool
external image youtube_logo.jpg
29. YouTube
external image TeacherTube-logo-170.jpg
30. Teacher Tube
external image sticker1.png
31. Vodpod
external image logo_viddix.jpg
32. Viddix
Quiz Tool
Mindmapping Tool
Flowchart/ Diagram Tool
Talking Avatar Tools
33. MyStudiyo
external image lifehackarticles.jpg
external image logo_index.gif
35. Gliffy
external image voki.png
36. Voki
Variety of Widget Tools
Comic Strip Tool
Images to Cartoons
37. Widgetbox
external image 5ed9afcf90c4b264f491f641a858cd06-thm.png
38. Google Gadgets
external image 0xk9i1fhlb7l0ktz.jpg
39. Pixton
40. Be Funky Cartoonizer
RSS Widget Tool
Fancy Headings Tool
Visitor Tracking Tools
41. RSS Mixer
external image flowerpower2.gif
42. Glow Text
external image
43. ClustrMaps
external image feedjit_logo3.gif
44. Feedjit