33. WallWisher


Brainstorm with many people using sticky notes on a WallWisher wall - no accounts needed except for the person who sets up the wall. The site describes it as an online noticeboard - could be a fun way to share daily notices!


How to run a successful hands-on workshop

Factors that influenced World War Two


  • Participants just need to click anywhere on the wall to add a sticky note there.
  • You can add images, video or a weblink to your sticky note
  • Text in a sticky note needs to be 160 characters or less
  • Click 'OK' for your message to appear for other people


The first part of this tutorial shows you how to set up and use a WallWisher page. Don't worry about the end part that shows you how to use WallWisher with another online application.

Your Educational Guide to WallWisher

Possible activities for this tool mapped against Key Competencies

Activity One
Activity Two
Activity Three
Managing Self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing


Using language, symbols, and texts

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