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Wiki Overview

A wiki is basically a website that can be edited while online. With an edit button on the site (like you can see on this wiki), multiple people can enter information into the wiki and it can easily be edited from any computer with internet access. You can also 'lock down' a wiki so that only members can edit and you can even choose to have a wiki that only members can view.

Examples of wiki uses in education

Below is a great video that explains wiki basics.

Getting a Wiki
Normally, you would sign up for a wiki that is hosted for you such as Wikispaces, PBwiki and Wetpaint Wikis. Many of these offer free basic accounts but you will need to subscribe to get additional services such as ad free or extra features. Wikispaces is offering teachers extra features that would normally cost money for free at the moment (see comparing wiki services for more information) and the link above takes you in to the correct place to take up this offer.