Working in the Animal Sandbox pages

Here is a summary of the first steps to do on your wiki page. There is also a handout on how to edit your page that you can work your way through that you can download from here OR work off the embedded version of this document further down the page.

Before you start working on your own page, have a quick look at what other people are doing. Click here for a page about wikis and click here for a page about blogs.

These next steps are to help get you familiar with how this wiki works. If you can already use a wiki, you may want to flick straight to the Adding More Content page.
Go to the page index appropriate to the first letter of your animal (on the left) and then click on your animal's name.
Click 'Edit this Page' and add a title for your animal. Use the drop down menu to change the size of your heading text.
Now type in a simple sentence about your animal and then click 'Save.' Congratulations!! You have just published to a wiki.
Read this document on Scribd: Web 2 Publishing Handout