This is a workshop for you to learn about web 2.0 by USING it to explore a context of your choice and then present back to the group. You will also be using your experiences with these tools to make a guide for schools on ONE tool where you locate a couple of powerful examples and then suggest other uses of the tools mapped out against key competencies and blooms.

Wiki pages for this workshop
Introduction to web 2.0
Homework before the course

Resources needed

It would be great if you had the following with you on the day (let me know in the form below what you are able to bring):
  • mobile phone (great if it can take photos and video clips but any phone appreciated)
  • digital camera (great if it can take small video clips but any camera appreciated - if your phone does everything, you could make do without a camera)

You will be working in pairs/ threes during the day. If you can make sure that you have at least one mobile phone between you that can take pictures, that would be great. There could be a small cost to you (I'd say no more than $5 max) over the course of the day when using your mobile phone to send audio, texts, images and video clips to some of the web 2.0 services that we will be using.

Homework before the workshop day

Please visit the 'Homework' page to see what you need to do BEFORE coming to the workshop.
Also, please fill in this form so I can learn a little more about you and your needs on the day.

Workshop Outline