28. Box



Using this tool you can:
  • Securely upload any type of file Upload large documents, photos, spreadsheets, videos, or zip files to your online space.
  • Collaborate with anyone Create shared folders on Box to collaborate with clients, colleagues, and friends.
  • Edit documents and photos online With OpenBox Services, you can edit your documents and photos directly from the web!
  • Access files from anywhere Box.net is accessible from any web browser, so you can get to your files from home and work.
  • Embed a widget of your documents on blogs and wikis that can be downloaded from the widget.

How to use Box

There is a thorough help guide to Box.net on the website.

Your Educational Guide to Box


Potential benefits of using this tool:

Possible disadvantages of using this tool:

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Managing Self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing


Using language, symbols, and texts

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